Nagpur railway station in Making

NAGPUR: The Ministry of Railways has chosen Nagpur for development as a world class station. The formal announcement is expected during the forthcoming railway budget. Top officials of Central Railway have already informed Nagpur-based officials about the development, it is learnt.

The Nagpur Division bosses are elated at the news as they feel it would open a whole new vista for beautification of Nagpur Station, said the sources. From train operations point of view, there is continuous upgradation at the station. However, a world-class station is assured of a one time support of at least Rs 100 crore to ensure latest gadgets are in place looking. An international consultant is appointed to suggest plan for modification keeping in view future challenges for the railways. By the time suggested works get under way the allocated sum may also be increased to compensate for inflation, the sources added. At Nagpur, the the works need to be done for better movement of passenger as well as goods trains. Also, the main station building on the Western side is a heritage structure. That cannot be modified. So the consultant will have to think of improving amenities within existing structure or take up development on eastern side. In Nagpur, the main goods line on North-South sector is located bang in middle of station. It lies between platform no. 1 and 2. Because of this line, the railways do not have flexibility in broadening of the Platform no. 1. The authorities are thinking in terms of upgrading the existing infrastructure like retiring rooms, platforms, and creating modern amenities like passenger elevators, muticuisine restaurant, shopping mall, etc. The main stress at Nagpur station will be development of Eastern side building. The proposal is pending for want of money since long. But as envisioned long back, a replica of main building might finally take shape on the Santra Market side too, said the sources. On Western side, there are limitations for development. But in the Eastern side the railways have huge space with them and that can be put to good use. A muti-layered parking lot can also come-up. Also, there might be proposal for setting up of a hotel, as envisioned in development plans of other stations. With MIHAN finally shaping-up in Nagpur, it was but natural for Ministry of Railways to develop the railway station as one having world class facilities. The MIHAN will transform Nagpur city and there are reports of five lakh new jobs being created. Hence, railways do come into picture and therefore the station needs to be prepared to handle the extra passenger rush.


~ by nagpurestate on February 18, 2008.

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