Nagpur Land Appreciation Graph

In 2006 Nagpur real estate market saw uneven appreciation in land prices  diffrent areawise . On an average the land prices soared by 35% approx. whereas in 2005 , it was little over 31% . It is seen that the land price spiral is moving ahead steadily seeing overall development of the city like MIHAN project, Boeing Maintenance Centre and many other projects like Satyam city, KSL`s Empress city, Sahara City, Reliance gas pipeline, etc. 

Appreciation rate

For Adjoining graph-
Red zone(1st circle)- Dharampeth, Sitabuldi etc
Gray zone(2nd circle)- Ajani, Ramnagar, Shivajinagar
Violet zone(3rd circle)-Pratapnagar, Trimurthi Nagar

The land prices rose erratically in the 2nd Circle i.e Gray zone in 2006 as shown in the graph, whereas 1st circle i.e. Grade A property zone has seen a continuous steady growth of over 30% in last year.


29 Responses to “Nagpur Land Appreciation Graph”

  1. Do you have any information on TDR sites i.e. “generating sites” and “receiving sites” in nagpur?

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  8. hey nagpur is nice city

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  14. is it worth to buy flat in Chinch Bhavan Warbha Road

    • I am planning to buy a plot in Chinch Bhavan, Nagpur. Is it safe to buy there? Are the plots in that location clear in documentation.
      Please help.

  15. I am graduate leaving on rent in nagpur. now want to purchase a NIT flat on installment system. IS there any scheme available for me to take benefit from NIT.

  16. Alert citizens – Thank you for providing the information you did. can you provide more that you promised? Have the rates stabilized now?

  17. Pl.let me know latest rates in areea of R.E.C. Nagpur,the residential area.

  18. It has been informed from reliable source that L&T IT park at MIHAN SEZ postponed the project same thing with DLF and other major IT Park projects (satyam, etc.) there will no township for next 4 years by Raheja, and Satyam Infrastructure. All developers are fooling people by selling plots near so called cities.
    Most Important thing is Water Resources Dept. inform MIHAN that they are only able to provide water to MIHAN only and not for these lay-outs near MIHAN.
    Same thing with MSEDCL, An electricity distribution company of Maharashtra given such instructions that they are not able to provide the ample of power to this layouts, It will take 12 years to build infrastructure to provide such huge power supply.

    Boeing : the biggest share of it in MIHAN not given clear indication to built plant, same will take 5 year to get developed.

    Leading news paper ‘Hitvada’ publish news about it, but from last some days they are not publishing it. ????

    I think awareness is essential for those who are investing is such layouts where no norms are being followed (roads, sewerage lines etc.)

    All this information is from reliable sources and for common man who invest is hard earn money in such lay-outs.

    More information is coming soon with more details keep watching..

  19. i think wardha road particurlarly as good as south of delhi within five years positively

  20. WWho wrote this useless stuff…..Do u write just for the sake of writing. U know what….nagpur is becoimg notoriously famous for price appreciation and most of the money in here is from balck economy due to which the salaried middle class is suffering.

  21. comments above are trivial

  22. I don’t think this data is authentic at all. From first hand experience, I can tell that the land prices have appreciated more than 100%. I bought plots around Rs300/sq ft in 2006. I can challenge anyone to give me similar land around wardha road now for Rs1000-1100/sq ft. I buy it at that price.
    So, the data here is not accurate. The price appreciation is a whole lot than what’s shown here.

  23. We are expecting a good Appreciation ,but it all depends on the IT companies which are going to start in Nagpur.And the rate of appreciation is just on cards…

  24. its good that land prises are not increasing in nagpur like pune and banglore, even a middle class person can afford to buy a home in nagpur

  25. i live in Pune, maharashtra. In Pune the price appreciation of land is atleast 100% in 2006 and 150% in 2007. Compared to this the nagpur price appreciation is quite low.

    Are you talking of government figures here or the real price data.

  26. very informative

  27. Nagpur Land Appreciation Graph…Beyond any bodies expectation… one can not imagine

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