Proposal for More FSI in Nagpur

Congested localities of Nagpur were waiting for this news since last four decades. Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), which is a planning authority of Orange city,

has decided to increase the Floor Space Index (FSI) from 1 to 1.5 for residential use in dense localities like Itwari, Mahal, Hansapuri, Gandhibagh, Sitabuldi and others in the regional development plan. NMC has invited suggestions and objections from the residents of the city under section 37 of Maharashtra Regional Town Planning (MRTP) Act, 1966. Itwari, Mahal, Hansapuri, Central Avenue, Gandhibagh, Sitabuldi and other localities are densely populated. This is the old city and there is no option but to go vertical to construct a decent home. These localities came into existence at least hundred years ago and every inch of land is precious. The development control rules and building bye-laws, ignored the ground reality, creating lot of problems for residents of Old Nagpur. The maximum house holders had built the two or three floor building without any specification and violating the norms. NMC wants to regularise these building by giving them additional FSI of 0.5 to authorise these buildings. This will help to regularise these buildings. Maharashtra Government had declared NMC as a planning authority for the entire area of Nagpur City excluding the area covered under seven schemes of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) on February 27, 2002. As per the proposed modification, the permissible FSI should be 1.5 for purely residential building in R-1 zone and FSI 2 for building with mix residential and commercial and non-polluting service industrial with residential purpose user while it has proposed 2.5 FSI for commercial or industrial user. NMC is also going to permit additional 50 per cent on FSI 1.5 to Educational Public Health and Charitable building after consultation with government. Normally, the FSI permissible for above building would be 1.5 only. The additional 50 per cent will be given in case of special circumstances. The general body of NMC has already given its nod on October 30, 2007 to increase the FSI in dense localities. Civic body has invited objections and suggestion within one month time. The proposal will also resolve the IGGMCH modernisation project which was stalled following refusal of the Urban Development department to sanction extra FSI for a single project. If this proposal is accepted, the IGGMCH and similar projects in old Nagpur will see the day of the light


~ by nagpurestate on February 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “Proposal for More FSI in Nagpur”

  1. what is the meaning of FSI

  2. wath is floor space index in nagpur city till today

  3. today fsi in nagpur city

  4. Respected sir,If i m having 2200 Sqft plot in PMG Co op Hgs. society,parsodi (near Trimurti nagar),Nagpur,What is Permissible Fsi?Can I use 1.5 FSI?Please do Reply, It’s urgent!!

  5. Respected sir,If i m having 2200 Sqft plot in PMG Co op Hgs. society,parsodi (near Trimurti nagar),Nagpur,What is Permissible Fsi?Can I use 1.5 FSI?Please do Reply, It’s urgent!!

  6. dear sir if some one having property land 650 sqft in itwari & having 4 sons so is fsi 1.5 give him permission to build 4 floor building. nmc had given notice to them for distroying old house. pls reply soon how the problem will work

  7. whether it is sanctioned pls let us know

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